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Need Analysis a professional method using which you can arrive at an optimum decision based on facts. Such analysis will throw light into what is your exact requirement and whether a hosting partner really meets your exact needs or most of your priority needs. Use this need analysis chart to identify your needs and how it affects your business.

Your Needs Commercial Impact Technical Impact July Cloud
Lower Pricing For Customers: This determines the amount you spend per month or annum towards hosting your domains
For Resellers: This determines the amount you spend per month or annum towards hosting your customer's domains
N/A Starts from Rs.399
per month. One of the lowest in the industry. All are value for money hosting plans with higher return on investment. Reseller accounts are one of the highest profit earning accounts when compared to plans of other hosting providers
Better Network Uptime For Customers: Higher network uptime makes your web presence stable and available most of the time. Hence visibility, sales, brand value etc increases
For Resellers: Higher network uptime means less service calls from customers and higher customer satisfaction resulting in more sales. Good renewal rate among customers.
For Customers: Search engine indexing, ranking and servicing your online customers, uptime of your backend processes such as emails etc, site traffic increases
For Resellers: Less support calls resulting in less support expenditure. Allows you concentrate on core businesses than answering customer calls.
July Cloud VLANs operate using multiple backbone providers in multiple locations. Major backbone providers we use work with 99.99% SLA. This in turn enables us to provide network with 99.99% uptime.
Robust Server Hardware For Customers: Robust hardware which can handle load spikes and keep data safe will result in higher visibility and sales even during unexpected seasonal spikes in traffic. This will ultimately result quick transactions, higher ease of usability resulting in better sales and brand value.
For Resellers: Robust hardware allows you to host variety of customers in your reseller account. Thus allowing you to earn more sales revenue.
For Customers: When your website works smooth even during peak traffic, key functions of your business processes remain online preventing losses due to failure in order processing or customer service.
For Resellers: Less server issues due to robust server hardware means less support requirements and huge cost savings.
Right choice of robust hardware with good back bone network is required for making your website visible all the times. Robust hardware is required to handle unexpected load spikes, data integrity. July Cloud uses Intel® Turbo technology based hosting hardware which is designed to handle such unexpected load spikes and our unique storage mechanism makes sure that your data remains safe.
Advanced Software Components For Customers: Better brand value
For Resellers: Better profit and customer retention
For Customers: Advanced components allows you to introduce better features in your website. This in turn makes customer experience easier, simple and useful. This is one key for differentiating your website from others and for better brand value.
For Resellers: Allows you to provide your customers with latest and cutting edge components. Allows you to meet unique customer requirements at lowest possible cost. This in turn increases your profit where you can charge a premium from customers for these components.
Latest components and frame works available with all our hosting plans. .NET framework, MVC, MDAC, Ajax, Pear, Silverlight, RV Site builder and many more. Please refer individual plans for details. July Cloud also offers for a small fee addons such as XMAIL Trac for complete mail tracking, grids, ffmpeg etc in order to meet variety of your customer needs.
Protection from Malware, Virus and Intrusions For Customers: Better brand value
For Resellers: Better customer retention
For Customers: Such a protection is essential for keeping your website safe and secure. A safe and secure website is pre-requisite for conducting business online. Advanced protection from malware, virus, intrusion will enable you to mitigate security risk and also protects your customer data.
For Resellers: Allows you to pro-actively secure your customer websites and warn them of potential security risks in their website. This results in lesser abuses of your customer websites. This allows you retain customers with better satisfaction. Also secures your customer data from malicious attempts.
Arrow Shield is a complete protection suite aimed at preventing websites being defaced by malware, virus or intrusion. Arrow Shield is state of the art comprehensive security suite which is designed and enhanced based on recommendations of The National Institute of Standards and Technology. When it comes to security, there is no single silver bullet. Depth-in-Defense is the formidable strategy. It involves defense in multiple layers which includes;
OS Level Hardening
Server Application Level Hardening
Network Level Hardening
Encryption and Higher Strength Authentication
DDOS mitigation
Domain Reseller Account with Zero initial deposit For Resellers: As a reseller you will be able to sell .com/.net/.org/.in/ etc instantly. Silicon House is an ICANN and .IN accredited registrar and hence you can avail the best possible pricing for bulk domain purchase and earn huge profit in domains also without any initial deposit. For Resellers: You can provide a complete solution from domains to dedicated servers to your customers under one platform. July Cloud is a part of a Group which is an ICANN and .IN accredited domain registrar. Versign ranks our group at 181 fastest growing registrar in the world and NIXI ranks our group at 22 nd among all registrars. We are one of the fastest growing domain registrar in the world and this allows us to offers domains such as .com/.net/.org/.in/ at the lowest possible cost enabling you to make more profit as a reseller.
Environment preset for integration with major shared payment gateways and dedicated payment gateways such as HDFC/ICICI/BOB etc. For Customers: Allows you integrate with any major third party shared payment gateway. This allows you to collect payment online via credit cards increasing online sales.
For Resellers: Allows your customers integrate with any major third party shared payment gateway. This allows your customers to collect payment online via credit cards increasing online sales.
For Resellers: Allows you complete the entire web presence from domain registration to getting payments online. It also demonstrates your technical expertise in providing end-to-end solutions for your customers. Payment gateways require certain environment to be preset in the server for integration with credit card processing. July Cloud offers hosting plans which has the hosting environment preset for such a shared payment gateway integration. For addon fee, dedicated payment gateways such as HDFC/ICICI/BOB payment gateways can be hosted in your account. This enables to bring corporate and serious online businesses as a client under a reseller.
Good Customer Support & Quality Certification For Customers: Important for a successful online presence. Timely and expert support will help serving your customers better and anticipate the unexpected. This results in better sales and brand realization among customers.
For Resellers: Quick support meeting international standards will allow you service your clients in turn better. It also helps in retaining customers with better renewal rate.
For Customers: If you can get timely and expert support, you can also promise the same for your customers meeting international support standards.
For Resellers: If you can get timely and expert support, you can also promise the same for your customers meeting international support standards. You can also make your process seamless to provide higher level of support.
SH - RAF provides expert support via tickets, online chat, videos, iFIX - Automated Service Engine. SH-RAF is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization and all the processes meet global standards.